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Knowledge of Mother About ChildreenNutrition and Stunting Incidence in Pasirbatang Village, Tasikmalaya

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  • Ana Samiatul Milah, SKM., M.MKes
    Stunting are toddlers who have poor nutritional status as measured by length or height for age when compared to WHO (World Health Organization) book standards, toddlers are said to be short if the Z-score value is body length for age (PB/U). ) or height for age (height/age) less than -2 SD (stunted) and less than -3 SD (severely stunted). (Rita, et al. 2020 ). Stunting can increase the risk of death in children, affect motor development and reduce school performance, increase the risk of excess nutrition and infectious diseases, and reduce productivity at the age of children as adults (Black, 2013

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